Herbalife Ingredients: All-Natural Nutrition Products Since 1980

Over the past 40 years, Herbalife Nutrition has made a name for themselves in the health and wellness industry. With nutrition products from teas to shakes and aloe concentrates, Herbalife ingredients come with a quality assurance that takes place through sourcing, safety, science, regulatory, sensory, and label design.

What’s more, over 4-million people consume Herbalife Nutrition products every day.

Here’s how Herbalife ingredients ensure high-quality nutrition products that consumers have come to know and trust.

Seed to Feed Means Quality Assurance

Herbalife’s Seed to Feed process is to thank for some of the company’s best-selling products, such as Herbalife Formula 1 Meal Replacement Shakes, Herbal Tea Concentrate, and Herbal Aloe Concentrate.

First, the company works with trusted farmers to source quality ingredients. Next, Herbalife ingredients go to the labs and manufacturing facilities and enter a multi-step testing process to ensure quality from start to finish. After that, the Herbalife products ship to the warehouse for distribution.

Herbalife ingredients

Herbalife Nutrition partners with farmers to plant, cultivate, and harvest botanicals. Long-term partnerships mean that the company can trace and test active Herbalife ingredients. A comprehensive authentication process that starts from the source also provides better research on plant products and their health benefits. Ultimately, with verified data, the company can make better-informed decisions.

For example, working with tea farmer partners in rural China allows standardized climate and planting methods for growing to ensure quality control from generation to generation. Since Herbalife ingredients share a standardized supply chain, the company can maintain a set of best practices and authentic products.

What this means for the consumer is that they can expect the exact same quality, whether buying Formula 1, tea, or pills in India, Brazil, Mexico, or in the United States.

Herbalife Ingredients’ Authenticity

Herbalife has a staff with over 300 scientists, 50 with PhDs. The scientists extract DNA and conduct molecular diagnostic tests to ensure that each batch of a product remains similar at the molecular level. This type of testing guarantees raw ingredients, nutritional value, and taste.

Consumers want to know if ingredients on a label are accurate and safe. They need to make sure that the product is effective and does what it says. It’s also essential to know that you can trust the manufacturer and seller. Herbalife Nutrition partners with the NHP Research Alliance to ensure that all the botanicals in its supplements are DNA-verified with global consistency.

They conduct 98 percent of the quality-assurance testing in-house with five rounds of rigorous in-process tests. What’s more, Herbalife’s nutritional products undergo state-of-the-art blending, compression, packaging, and manufacturing.

Testing and Manufacturing

Herbalife Nutrition works to be part of the expansion of the future of food science and academics. To that end, the company maintains five innovation and manufacturing facilities and seven quality assurance labs worldwide to craft Herbalife ingredients through botanical testing.

Herbalife ingredients set the standard for supplement suppliers globally with the chemical standard botanical reference material libraries at the University of Guelph and on-site testing standard operating protocols (SOP) such as DNA primers, probes, sequences, and chemical fingerprinting,

The company’s Seed to Feed philosophy verifies each process of product manufacturing from start to finish. Herbalife’s commitment to quality drives the Seed to Feed process with partner-farmers such as those in Mexico for aloe and China to source teas and botanicals.

It’s also important to note, Herbalife ingredients use ISO 17025-certification to confirm their purity and guarantee the gold standard for testing and sampling.

The Final Product and Distribution

Finally, the company environmentally monitors Herbalife ingredients and nutritional products at its distribution centers. Consumers can purchase Herbalife through independent distributors.

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