Virtual gastric band hypnosis as an alternative solution to weight loss

Why do people try virtual gastric band hypnosis?

Weight loss has been a problem for a lot of people, and to resolve this stressful situation, people try different ways that somehow succeed, and others fail to lead to anxiety to some extent. It is really hard to lose weight without proper motivation, procedure, and support.

I can say this based on my struggle to lose weight where I have tried to exercise, diet, take pills, and herbal medicine to no avail. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I lose weight? I suffered from depression and I didn’t want to meet my friends because of the fear of being asked about my quest to be slim again.

Everyone knows how I long to be thinner because my big size takes a toll on my health. I am experiencing a panic disorder, shortness of breath, anxiety, and depression because of this stressful situation.

Virtual gastric band hypnosis Brisbane

My cousin visited me one day and she suggested virtual gastric band hypnosis and I laughed at her when I heard about hypnosis. I tried to figure out how simple hypnosis can help a person lose weight. I even ridiculed my cousin for saying something unheard of because I imagined hypnosis just like what we see on tv.

My reaction was way too far because I simply didn’t know anything about virtual gastric band hypnosis, and I never fully trusted it until I saw my weight dropping. My cousin, persistent as she is, asked me to join her in one of her sessions with her hypnotherapists in Brisbane and I accompanied her.

That was a pretty easy moment of relaxing, discussion, and a commitment to lose weight. I have also taken a quick consultation on my case and the doctor was kind enough to explain to me the benefits of virtual gastric band hypnosis.

What is it?

Virtual gastric banding is a kind of procedure which helps the client lose weight by focusing on his/her overall relationship with food. The therapy begins with a discussion on food and the effects of what we eat on our bodies.

The therapist explains a general discussion of the plan as well as the cooperation of the patient to follow some advice. Later the hypnotherapist administers hypnosis which is putting the patient in a relaxed state and powerful suggestions can be made to the patient’s subconscious to help break his/her current behavior patterns and instill new ones.

This results in the patient feeling full soon after eating, reduced cravings, and dramatically improved ability to control impulsive eating. With this constant feeling of being full, the patient loses appetite and eventually he loses weight.

There has been a record of 1-2 kgs loss per week if the program is followed. Virtual gastric band therapy is safe and effective. There has been a significant amount of weight loss in a short time. Thus, it is an effective procedure in losing weight.

Virtual gastric band hypnosis Brisbane is one of a kind. Without hurting your body, you can undergo a life changing experience with invaluable results.

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